Subhash Chanana

Founder and Visionary


Subhash Chanana, the founder and visionary of his company, is a man with a diverse background that has helped shape his leadership style and business approach. With a merchant navy background, Chanana has traveled the world and gained extensive knowledge about the types of utensils used in kitchens worldwide. This experience has been invaluable in the development of his company’s products, which are now used by chefs and cooks globally.

In addition to his experience with utensils, Mr.Chanana’s time as a captain has also helped him develop strong leadership skills that have been crucial to the success of his business. He has been able to create a strong infrastructure that is visible in the company’s success today.

Mr.Chanana’s contributions to his company go beyond leadership and infrastructure; he is also responsible for all tech and product development. His knowledge of the market and foresight to predict market trends has made him a valuable asset in the finance department.

In summary, Subhash Chanana’s background and experiences have played a significant role in the success of his company. His knowledge of utensils, leadership skills, infrastructure development, and market foresight have made him a valuable asset to his company and a respected figure in the business world.

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