Shwetank Chanana

Product Developer and Quality Head


Shwetank Chanana is an engineer and the technical mastermind behind the development of products for his company. With years of experience in manufacturing aluminum and stainless steel utensils, Mr.Chanana has proven to be an invaluable asset to the company. His expertise in engineering and product design has allowed the company to create innovative and high-quality products.

Mr.Chanana’s experience extends beyond utensil manufacturing; he has also engineered several storage products for the pharmaceutical industry, showcasing his versatility and ability to apply his knowledge to different fields.

Stainless steel manufacturing is not just a family business for Mr.Chanana; it is his passion and dedication. He is involved in every aspect of the manufacturing process, from setting up machines to purchasing raw materials and polishing the final product. Chanana’s dedication and attention to detail have resulted in the company’s success.

Apart from his technical skills, Shwetank’s ability to manage skilled labor and conduct product research sets him apart. He possesses a unique blend of soft yet firm leadership that helps him get the best out of his team.

In conclusion, Shwetank Chanana’s passion for engineering, attention to detail, and management skills have played a pivotal role in the success of his company. His technical expertise and versatility have allowed the company to create innovative products, and his leadership skills have enabled him to manage a skilled workforce effectively.

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