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Crafting High-Quality Stainless Steel Cookware for Culinary Perfection - Get to Know Our Story.

Experience of over 50 years and expanding

Experience of over 50 years and expanding

Vishal Metal Industries, a family-owned business was established in 1971 by Shri Ralia Ram Chanana. He had a humble beginning and a grand vision and started by manufacturing aluminum utensils expanding into producing high-quality stainless steel utensils subsequently.

Evolving with new technology over the years

VMI has since perfected the art of manufacturing excellent stainless steel utensils and with the onset of the new generation, they have introduced the premium technology of SALS.
Emerging as the best Indian Stainless Steel cookware

Emerging as the best Indian Stainless Steel cookware

VMI's USP is its use of food-grade raw materials, retaining macro and micro-nutrients during cooking while using less oil and conserving fuel. The highest quality standards, promote healthy cooking and reduce the risk of illnesses. Our utensils are easy to clean, dishwasher safe, and come with a promise of lasting a lifetime.

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Browning to braising, pickling to pasta , everything possible in one cookware!

Our Mission

Bringing together artistic values with expert engineering to craft cookware that promises healthy cooking experience. As the technology has advanced in the world of cookware, we have taken nuances from the enormous heritage of Indian cookware and integrated it with the new-age requirements to create noteworthy, appreciable and discerning stainless steel cookware.

Our Vision

We are the top manufacturer of stainless steel equipment and the trusted supplier of high-quality services and products. We want to be the go-to cookware for all of your culinary demand based on our expertise, passion, and trustworthy relationships with partners and customers. We also want to be the kitchen partner for everyone who cooks or desires to cook.

Our History

Today, we run a Stainless Steel Cookware Manufacturing Company that has dominated the local market for almost fifty years. We have 50 years of experience manufacturing cookware, so we are well-aware of what our consumers need and have been supplying them cookware that not only meets but also surpasses their expectations. Vardaan Cookware aspires to continue being your top choice for cookware.