06 Jan 2023

What does “home chef” imply? A home chef is a superhero who manages household duties while pursuing a profession in cooking and catering with zeal. Most home cooks will say that they do not have the choice to “leave” from or “assign” household duties when working or going to a job. This is in contrast to the rest of us. It was only after they had spent years cooking heartfelt meals for their family that they uncovered their interest in the culinary arts.

When first getting started as a home chef, it might be helpful to utilize the same cookware you already have. To scale up and become creative, though, you need kitchen tools! 

The five best basics for a home chef, which are both useful and elegant, have been compiled by us. You’ll be able to whip up any dish with these tools and show off your kitchen skills.

  1. Kadhai

The centrepiece of Indian cuisine’s kitchenware is the kadhai. In this one-of-a-kind, ethnic-looking centrepiece, prepare Indian meals for your guests and family. Your experience using Indian-style cookware takes up a level with this SS cooking pot. The stainless steel kadhai produced by Vardaan Cookware has a detailed, age-old hammered pattern that gives it a regal look. It is ideal for cooking food. Our cookware has a stylish finish that offers the kitchen décor a polished appearance—used to cook and prepare meals or present food elegantly. The cookware is a beautiful addition to your collection of antique cookware because of its outstanding design.

Products made of stainless steel make a great alternative to any kitchen. You won’t need to worry about dangerous toxins leaking into your food since they are easy to clean, durable, and contain no toxic chemicals. This stylish and sophisticated kadhai is ideal for deep-frying puris, vadas, sabzis, biryanis, and other hot dishes. It is an excellent alternative to an iron or aluminium kadhai.

  1. Versatile Pressure Cooker

Like salt makes food taste better, a pressure cooker is needed for every kitchen. You might choose one of the numerous pressure cookers as a home chef. Indian homes often include one or more classic pressure cookers, which are always a great option. Since they cook quicker, more evenly, and healthily than their competitors, Vardaan’s Stainless Steel Pressure Cookers are the somewhat modernized version of the traditional pressure cooker.

  1. Dutch Oven

A seasoned professional, such as a home chef, would understand that the ultimate gastronomic luxury is slow cooking. Nothing beats the rich flavour of food simmering on low flame for hours, whether it be slow-cooked meat or Dal Makhani. Most chefs will talk to you about one or two items of cookware they fervently cherish and won’t allow anybody else to hold, let alone use. Cast-iron cookware, such as a frypan or Dutch oven, is often seen in such kitchens. A saucepot featuring thick walls and a tight-fitting top is known as a Dutch oven. It can be placed in the oven for slow cooking and braising. With this cookware, you can prepare one-pot meals, biryanis, sourdough bread, and various other opulent delicacies that are not only tasty but also memorable. It is, in a nutshell, a need for every home chef.

  1. Milk Can

There are many reasons why the SS milk can from Vardaan Cookwares is the best option for home chefs. The stainless steel milk cans from Vardaan Cookwares are a stylish way to serve individual portions. These milk cans are manufactured of durable stainless steel and feature a stylish mirror finish. They are designed to be both elegant and durable. These multipurpose milk cans are easy to use, regulate portion sizes, and have a trendy look.

  1. Frypan and Saucepan

You probably use social media for marketing your company and attracting more customers if you work from home as a chef. On platforms like Instagram and YouTube, recipes and food-related videos are popular. It would be best if you started stocking up on attractive cookware, which is also helpful in the kitchen. Besides that, you can think about getting some of Vardaans’ stainless steel kitchen storage containers. It is waterproof, simple to use, and free from harmful chemicals. Ideal for storing items like flour, sugar, tea, and coffee on the kitchen counter. That would go well with your kitchen’s stylish and modern stainless steel saucepan and frying pan/skillet.

The saucepans and stainless steel frying pan/skillet, on the other hand, are extremely beautiful for serving and can also be used for cooking. You can create single portions of eggs and tea or prepare dips and salsa at home. What could be perfect for a home chef than cookware that looks excellent and performs well?

In A Nutshell

To fulfil client demands, home chefs need a wide range of cookware. You would often prepare a wide range of exotic meals at any time. Your cookware has to be as inventive as your hands. Your stainless steel cookware pots and pans should be ergonomic, multipurpose, and easy to upkeep. To make your kitchen a more valuable and high-utility place, look for smart time- and space-saving solutions. And with Vardaan Cookware, it’s always possible!

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