16 May 2024

Using stainless steel allows you to take your cooking to the next level. Whether you are preheating, searing, sautéing or deglazing, carefully following these methods will provide you consistent but enjoyable results. Additionally, maintaining stainless steel cookware in its shining and fully functional form for many years to come. Use the seven key tips to succeed in your cooking and maintenance endeavors.

  1. Preheat Properly : Preheating is the most important thing to do to keep the food from sticking to the stainless-steel cooking pan. The solution is heating it up over medium heat for a few minutes before drizzling oil onto it or adding a small piece of butter. In this way, the pan’s surface gets hot and fully prepared for cooking, which results in a non-sticking effect that empowers food to be released and tested for perfect browning.
  2. Check for Readiness: Maintaining stainless steel cookware also means understanding when the pan reaches just the right temperature. The water droplet test can be very useful when checking this. If a small amount of water forms a bead on the surface and glides over it before evaporating, the pan is good to go. This approach is essential because it helps prevent the food from sticking and allows for excellent cooking outcomes.
  3. Use Enough Oil or Fat: Another important stainless steel cooking tip is to use sufficient amounts of oil or fats to form a barrier between food and the pan. It not only prevents food from sticking but also guarantees a slippery, constant surface for even cooking. Preheating the pan and cooking it with oil at the required moment are critical in obtaining desirable outcomes.
  4. Avoid High Heat: An essential stainless steel cooking tip is to keep in mind that these pans are very good at holding heat. Most dishes should be cooked over medium or medium-high heat because high heat can result in scorching or burning. For boiling water or occasionally quick searing, use high heat.
  5. Deglaze the Pan: The first step in how to cook with stainless steel is remembering that the pan’s surface often has bits of food. When the food sticks on the pan’s surface, deglazing using a liquid: wine, broth, or water, dissolves these caramelized bits. This step is essential as it makes food tastier, as well as the procedure of cleaning the stainless steel pan.
  6. Clean with Care: Proper cleaning is part of learning how to cook with stainless steel. Allow the pan to fully cool before cleaning it in warm, soapy water with a non-abrasive sponge to keep the surface from being scratched. You could either use a paste of vinegar and baking soda for stronger deposits since it will not rust the polished finish.
  7. Polish and Maintain: To ensure that the stainless steel cookware maintains its shiny condition, one has to periodically polish it. This can be considered as regular maintenance to the pan, preventing damages and maintaining the aesthetic condition of the pan. As such, well-polished stainless steel also improves the cooking utility of the pan. Ultimately, the pan will always be a good cooking companion in the kitchen.


By following these invaluable tips, you can guarantee your stainless steel cookware will last, and you’ll be able to cook on it safely and reliably for many years to come. Every action, from better preheating to regular polishing, will help you achieve the best results in your cooking. Find quality cookware that suits your kitchen aesthetics at Vardaan Cookware Their stainless steel products will transform your experience of cooking and inspire you to make more than ever before.

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